Reliable. Powerful. Quality.


Our Solar Lighting System is designed to operate under overcast conditions for extended periods of time. Built-in protection from freezing and wet weather conditions ensures your light is always on!

Reliable Performance


Our system is designed to be self-sustainable.  We have designed controls and protections so that your light will always turn on when you need it.


In fact, we're so confident that we offer a 10 year hardware warranty and 2 year service warranty.

Powerful Lighting


We offer power from the system's generation to it's output. 


We build our systems with enough solar panel draw to ensure that you battery house is fully loaded.


On the back end, our high-powered LED light has been modified to overperform most other billboard lights on the market today. 


Don't beleive us? Drive up Hwy 11 towards Gravenhurst and take a look for yourself!

Quality Designs



Keith and Dan decided early in prototyping that their systems would have to be grounded on quality. 


That's why all our products are made in Ontario. From solar panels to controls and batteries, Akado keeps things local.


Not only does this let us maintain a high quality control, but our vendors are local, making it easy to turn around projects quickly.